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“The gates of prayer are never closed.” (Devarim Rabbah)

To pray is a challenge for most of us. What do the words actually mean? Do they say what I wish to say? What do I want to say? And to whom am I speaking anyway? Are they, or They, listening? Does it matter? If I’m not “religious”, why am I so drawn to services? 

Good prayer feels both inspiring and demanding. It should both cultivate deep feelings and make meaningful claims upon us, asking us to consider the implications of our feelings and the responsibility we should take for them.

In Hebrew, the sacred language of Jewish prayer, to pray is “l’hitpallel”, from the root p-l-l which means to judge or evaluate. When we pray, regardless of whether or not we believe in God or a Higher Power, regardless of whether we say the words on the page or the words in our hearts, what unites us is our commitment to make the time and space in our lives to consider deeply our choices and actions, and to recommit to our values and vision for ourselves and our relationships, human and Divine. 

Building on the idea that learning is also a form of prayer, our services include planned and spontaneous discussions, explanations, and commentaries. Music, too, is a key language for prayer - not merely an enhancement to the atmosphere but a mode of expression for wonder and emotion. Music gives voice to the hope, humility, doubt, joy, fear and gratitude that fill our souls during prayer.

Informal and warm, authentic and intimate, Sha’ar’s prayer services touch the heart and the mind as we dig deep into ourselves and extend a powerful embrace of one another.

Shabbat Morning Service :  Saturday, March 6   at   10:00am EST



Join us for a Shabbat filled with music and spirit. 

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Virtual  Megillah Reading  :  February  25th   at   5:45pm EST

Join Dini, Andi and family for a warm and friendly virtual Megillah reading on Purim night, Thursday Feb 25, at Toronto's Beth Haminyan, home shul to several Sha'ar members, including Sherry Kelner who will be chanting part of the Megillah. Minha at 5:45pm followed by Ma'ariv and Megillah reading. The text of the Megillah will appear on your screens. Have a grogger at the ready (and some hamantaschen in case you get hungry). A costume contest is part of the festivities!! Beit Haminyan will make a donation to Ve'ahavta in honor of the winner.

Congregation Beth Haminyan is celebrating its 47th year as a vibrant and energetic shul in midtown Toronto. Tfilot are led by members and include a weekly Dvar Torah, a weekly children's service and program and an excellent kiddush.  We offer traditional, participatory davening on Shabbat and all holidays, as well as an egalitarian service held at various times throughout the year. Our regular location on Shabbat is at the West Prep Public School, 70 Ridge Hill Avenue, Toronto. Find out more about us at


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(Password: Minyan)

Upcoming  Services

Thursday February 25, 5:45pm
Virtual Megillah Reading

Saturday March 6, 10:00am
Shabbat Morning Service

Saturday March 20, 7:00pm

Sunday March 28, Second Seder, 9:00pm
Communal Hallel and Nirtzah

Saturday April 3, 10:00am
Shabbat Morning Service

Saturday April 17, 11:30am
Earth Day Shabbat Hike/Kiddush in Central Park

Saturday May 1, 10:00am
Shabbat Morning Service

Sunday May 2, 10:00am
Lag B’Omer Hike

Saturday May 15, 11:30am
Hike to Sinai

Saturday June 5, 10:00am
Shabbat Morning Service

Saturday, June 19th, 7:30pm
Outdoor Seudat Shlishit and Havdalah 

Sat, February 27 2021 15 Adar 5781