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“The language of journey and travel is at the heart of the ‘meta-story’ of the Jewish people.  From Abraham’s departure for unknown destinations to Joseph’s journey to Egypt, to the Israelites crossing of the Sea of Reeds, to generation upon generation of migrations around the world – the departures and arrivals, itineraries and landmarks, baggage and paraphernalia of ‘Jews on the journey’ frame our thinking about Jewish growth and change.”

-Diane Tickton

Travel has been at the heart of Sha’ar since our inception, both physical and spiritual travel. 

Leaving one place to go explore another, encountering new ideas and new people, and then returning having been transformed in our own self-understanding -- that’s the core experience we try to create at Sha’ar. Whether through a text, a melody, a ritual, a cocktail, a protest, or an actual trip, we understand our community’s mission to be one of thinking and feeling beyond our own immediate experiences to encompass a more expansive understanding of our purpose in life, and a more expansive understanding of the potential of our Jewish tradition to be a source of healing and hope to all of humanity and the planet.

Using small-group travel as a setting for experiential learning and creative spirituality, over the last 15 years Sha’ar has journeyed to Israel, Argentina, Panama, Cuba, Berlin, Krakow, Sicily and Croatia, Montreal and the Laurentian mountains, Harlem and the Lower East Side. Of particular note are the two trips we’ve taken to the American South to engage directly with the struggle for Civil Rights as it happened there, and as it continues to unfold all around us.

Sha’ar’s travel plans for 2021 include domestic and international itineraries, and both cultural and climate-themed adventures.

The Armchair  Pilgrim Supper Club with  Rav  Haim  Ovadia 

The Magen David Synagogue in Mumbai, India



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As a community that loves to travel, we’re eager to get back on the road. While we wait for the world to open up again, join us on these virtual trips to lesser-traveled and lesser-known Jewish communities. No need to schlep any bags! Just pack an open mind and a sensitive heart. And bring an appetite - we’ll be sharing a recipe for you to prepare and enjoy during each adventure. And of course, a signature cocktail by Dini using special ingredients from that region.

Rav Haim will introduce us to these cities through story, poetry, music and spirituality. We’ll meet figures from the local Jewish community and encounter the larger cultural and historical settings which give these places their unique shape and character.

Ya’alah! Let’s go!

October 18, 2020                  Baghdad, Iraq    DEPARTED

November 22, 2020              Izmir, Turkey     DEPARTED

December 20, 2020              Mumbai, India   DEPARTED

All trips will run from 7pm-8:30pm EST, and are open to everyone. 

Help Sha'ar continue to bring guest musicians and speakers on board by UPGRADING to Business Class ($36) or First Class ($54). Enjoy early boarding at 6:45PM with Dini and other Sha'ar leaders.




Mon, September 27 2021 21 Tishrei 5782